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Like a good fart slave he lays down on his back and waits for his mistress to lift up her skirt, revealing her green satin panties, and sit on his face. With her stinky asshole right on his nose she farts right on his face. Through the panties he is able to sniff each and every fart and loves every whiff. She pulls her as cheeks apart to get his nose in there even further.

This dirty girl is all dressed up in some very tight pink pants, that perfectly fit around her ass, showing off every curve and giving a peek at what her crack looks like. When she is basically sitting on the camera she squeezes out one wet and stinky fart after the other. She wants you to come and sniff her messy asshole after she is done farting up a storm.

This dirty Japanese girl is forced to fart in front of the camera everywhere she goes and no matter what she is wearing. When she is out walking the street this fart slave stops and gets the camera right on her ass before she blows one out. Then back at her apartment things get heated up as she gets down on her hands and knees, positions her round ass in front of the camera and lets loose.

I hate those heroes with their super power! They believe that they are something special and super cool only because they have some abilities which other people don't have - but they aren't! And today I'm going to punish spiderman because of his arrogance! He has to suffer under my butt! I put his head deep between my sexy ass cheeks and he cannot breath anymore... and then I fart some really nasty gases in his nose - That's MY super power! :-D What a poor and helpless guy he is now...!

Kimberly loves to get dressed up in a pair of plaid tights. When she lets her farts, they are going to be sealed in her tights. Once she is ready to let loose with her farts, she will have them stored up in her tights. Her pathetic slave will get the biggest dose of her smelly ass odor. She is so amused when sitting on his face.

Maggie is a babe with a huge love for farting. She is going to take her very cute round ass and begin to fart. She loves the fact she can make loud noises with her farting. Sometimes they are wet farts, but they also can be very loud farts that make a room clear. She will take her loser slave and position herself to fart on him.

This is a beautiful redhead that loves the unusual. She enjoys getting her ass up in the mornings and doing her business. She does love to fart through the day. These aren't discrete farts. They are loud, messy and hard to hide. She doesn't mind taking ownership because she knows that she has a slave that loves it when she farts. She loves to fart so hard she starts to shit on herself.

When Sydnee Capri is enjoying herself, she wants her slave to do the same. She lays down and reads a book topless. She loves the way the breeze kisses her tits. She has he slave lay down by her ass and she starts to fart in his face. She loves not having to stop her farts from coming because her slave loves the smell of her wet and long farts.

He is a man that knows what he likes. He enjoys it when his slave puts on the red sheer panties that he purchased for her and sits on his face like he tells her too. She bends over and farts in his face. He loves the sweetly dirty smell that comes from her ass as she rips one in his face. He is mesmerized by the curve of her ass and her scent.

When it comes to farting, the louder it is, the better it sounds. This beautiful brunette loves the way she sounds when she farts and she wants to record that. As soon as she can, she gets a camera and she uses it to record her ass music so she can replay it. As soon as she can, she replays it and enjoys the sounds that she hears on repeat.

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