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When Emily and Sibilla run into Alexandra at a bar, things get really heated in the end of becoming really bad for Alexandra. She is going to find out what being humiliated by two lovely ladies is all about. Each of the girls are going to take turns releasing huge nasty farts right on her face to show her that they are not to be fucked with ever.

Dana is famous for putting on her blue latex spandex, because she has a special treat for her slave. One of her favorite things to do is to let out a huge loud fart right on his face as she is sitting and smashing his face. She thinks it's really funny to make him gag from the odor, and she also likes to see his face because he is terrified of what is coming next.

Elvira is a lovely lady that also has many hidden talents that most do not realize. However, she spends a great deal of time with her slave, so he knows all about her hidden talent. One of the things he loves to do to her is tease her, but she always repays him with a huge loud fart released right in his face for him to inhale and sniff up every single scent.

A mistress is going to be very brutal when it comes time to have her slave come over. She has many different ideas in store for him, but the worst and most humiliating one is when she plans on bending over and letting out the biggest fart right in his face. She doesn't even care if he plans on baking her to stop either, because he is just a slave.

This sexy mistress knows exactly how to get what she wants, and most of the time that includes financial domination. She has always been able to get exactly what she wants from her slaves, but sometimes she takes it to a horrible new level that is really humiliating. She recently caught her slave placing a microphone in her toilet to catch her farting, he is going to pay greatly.

This lovely mistress enjoys doing many things to her slaves, including leading a really nice long juicy fart. Her slave is pathetic and deserves every single bit of humiliation that is dealt his way. He has always been pathetic, so doing horrible things to him like making him lick her shoes, is something that brings her great joy. She can't wait to let another long fart on him again.

Mistress Irusik is a sexy blonde mistress and she is wearing a sexy fishnet nylon body suit as she sits on the bed. She has been eating all of her favorite foods that give her super bad gas so she is full of gas right now. She gets on her hands and knees and then puts her ass right in front of the camera and starts farting her stinky farts just for you.

Mistress Ally is a sexy blonde mistress in the bathroom in her bathroom enjoying a nice warm bath. After sitting in her bath water for a while her asshole is nice and warm and wet ready for some serious farting. She gets up on her knees in the bathtub and uses her hands to spread her ass apart so you can see her wet asshole as she starts her farting session.

Mariah is a sexy brunette mistress who is completely naked in the bathroom laying on her back in the bathtub lifting up her legs so you can see her ass and her shaved pussy. She then starts farting right in front of the camera so you can watch her ass and her asshole as she pushes out her super stinky farts just for you to enjoy in the empty bathtub.

Katiusha is a sexy brunette mistress wearing her white cotton panties and bra as she lays on the couch and has Maruseas over her head wearing a black bra with pink pantyhose on. Katiusha loves to sniff farts and Maruseas is full of gas so she sits on her friends face and starts farting letting her stinky farts go into her friends mouth and nose so she can enjoy the stink of the farts.

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