Farting Girl

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This ebony goddess is have gastric problems. She has a stomach full of gas and she's ready for the show. As she wiggles around to get comfortable her ass gets in front of the view. The rumbles come loudly from her. Then the first fart breaks out. It is a nice wet one that gurgles and almost splashes. She again wiggles around and another comes out. This one almost soundless, but smelly nonetheless. There seems to be no end to the number of farts. She gives another that is as juicy as the first. But all of this leads up to the biggest yet. She blows the view into a smelling fit.

Princess Jenny is all ready for you. Her beautiful ass is right there waiting for you. She sits down on her slaves face. Her ass cheeks cover his nose and almost smother him. She rises just slightly and stays right there. Then she wiggles a little bit to make sure she is situated. Her slave is gasping and holding his breath, but she squats on him to keep him from breathing in. Then everyone hears the fart from her cute ass. It covers the slave's face. he cannot do anything but breath it all in.

Great sexy Brunette has a surprise waiting. She hasn't been to the toilet for days. She is already for this. So she sets the slave down, laying down on the floor. He is right under her ass. There is a chair without the whole seat. Her ass is visible there. She warns him to get ready. She gives him a camera set to run until she is finished. Then she sits down and he feels the tension building. Her ass puckers a little and then the fart just rolls out of her cute ass. It covers his face. He smells nothing but this stinky disgusting fart.

The camera has a perfect view of this farting mistress's big round ass as she stands there prepared to push out some wet and nasty farts. The farts start to squeak out so she shakes her ass and pushes them out. Her ass cheeks flop together as she lets out several wet sounding farts. She fills the room with her smell and she loves it. She is in love with her own fart smell.

Rima looks sexy as she lies face down on the mattress with her ass up in the air. The pants are tight and white so you can see the curves of her big ass. Suddenly she starts blasting out loud farts. The gas fills the air as she raises her ass to push out fart after fart. She farts so much that you expect her to soil her pants at any time.

Your fart fetish needs to be extreme for this smelly compilation. Sexy asses back up toward you. Just as you start to admire the curves and the softness of her ass; she blows a fart right in your face. This compilation of sexy girls farting is so great that you will practically smell the noxious gas in the air. You will be a fart slave by the end of this video.

Get your face a little closer. Prepare for some mega farts right in your face. My big ass backs up into your face. I reach back and spread my ass cheeks apart so you can get the full blast of stinky gas. My farting domination will make you my fart slave. You have to sit there and smell them as the wind from my farts blows your hair back.

She pretended to want foreplay and a pussy lick. But when this guy went for it, he was met with a stinky fart

This girl has a round ass. She likes to fart and enjoys doing it several times. She even takes gassy foods so that she can fart a lot

Marinela is the queen of farts. She likes to fart anywhere anytime. She was invited by her friend for dinner, and when the host went to the kitchen, she took advantage and farted loudly

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