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This sexy brunette Inked Princess is sitting in her brown chair completely naked as she covers her big tits with her hand and uses the other hand to cover her pussy. She is sitting there in front of you as she starts farting and she knows you like it. She keeps farting over and over again until she has one final and strong fart which makes her take off running to the bathroom.

Mistress Sparkly is a sexy brunette babe wearing a pink tank top as she sits on the toilet after giving herself a enema. She sits on the toilet as she expels the enema and you can hear all the noises that her ass makes as the pushes all the crap from her asshole. She is even farting as she pushes out her stinky and creamy enema mess into the toilet below her ass.

Mistress Madison Stone is wearing a pair of bright pink yoga pants that are skin tight and extra sexy. She gets on to the bed and tells you that she has been doing nothing but eating greasy foods to get some of the loudest and stinkiest farts of her life. She is ready to let it rip and she gets on her hands and knees with her ass towards your face and lets her loudest fart out!

A cute mistress is stylish no matter where she is at. She is going to put on a fur coat before she sits on the toilet. Her slave already knows to get on the ground to obey and worship her. The mistress will instruct him to get on the ground right by the toilet, because he is going to open his mouth to inhale the shit smell.

When a pretty inked princess has tummy problems, that can mean several things for a slave. The very first thought is how bad the smell will end up being and just how close will the mistress demand her slave get to her asshole as she is sitting on the toilet releasing the air and farts. She is going to feel better making her slave's feel like shit.

Margo is a very nice mistress, but she is only nice to slaves that love her poop. She is going to release her farts nice and slow, but she wants her slaves to know that they must get on the ground and smell every bit of her nasty farts. She laughs so hard at how fun it is to make her slaves sniff her smelly asshole.

A dark haired beauty is going to let out some amazing farts for all of her admirers. She takes great pride in her ability to release air that could be considered toxic by some. Her asshole is one of the most vile things that any of her slaves have ever encountered. She is going to fart her brains out as she laughs, because her slaves are gagging.

Amanda is a mistress that is going to let out several horrible farts. She takes pride in her ability to really stink shit up. She has never thought about what she does to her slaves, but the way she treats them. Her goal is to make them feel like total losers and pieces of shit. She is a very dominating mistress that loves to be a bitch.

Victoria is a mistress with the ability to tease her slaves into a new galaxy of desire. The slaves are all stumbling over their feet to be with her. She is going to give them all a new task that involves smelling her ass. The slaves might think they are getting lucky, but they are actually going to smell all of her terrible farts as she laughs.

An inked gal might be super sexy and hot, but she really has the worst farting problem ever. Her gas can clear a room it's so bad. She doesn't care though, because she is going to make her slave place his face right into her ass. She will start ripping the worst farts, because she wants to totally humiliate her stupid fucking loser slave that is pathetic.

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