Farting Girl

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Katrin is a pretty babe that loves to sit and enjoy herself. She is going to put on a really sexy little outfit, because her plans are to make her slave sit down in front of her as she starts to let out the longest farts ever. She finds a really funny to see his face when she is farting and she also loves to completely humiliate him.

Mia is going to have a great time dominating Jasmine. She has always been quite powerful and strong, but she also thinks it's fun to show Jasmine just who is boss. She will totally take control of the situation controlling Jasmine in every way. This is going to be one hard-core wrestling match with two sexy babes. Each of them wants to win no matter what.

Two girls are going to have lots of fun when they decide it is time for a wrestling match. They love to smother him dominate each other, but their favorite thing to do is facesitting. They plan on trying to humiliate each other, but that may not work because both of the ladies are extremely strong and powerful. It will be interesting to see which girl wins the wrestling match.

Any person that loves fetish videos is going to appreciate the fetish video of a college girls bathroom. College girls are always in the bathroom doing different things, including pooping and farting. All of these college girls are not going to be aware of the fact they are being videotaped, so the videos are going to be raw and uncut with lots of hot steamy farting action.

There is nothing sexier than a group of hot babes wearing new satin panties. All of these pretty ladies are going to stand in front of the video camera showing off her sexy panties, but they also are going to be getting prepared to do something else. They are going to take turns letting out really smelling farts for the camera so that they can put together the perfect video.

Mia has a special surprise for her that involves a nice regular wrestling match. The one thing that Mia does not imagine happening is the fact that her friend Jasmine has other ideas for her. One of them is to let out these horrible farts as they are wrestling so that she will win. The smell is going to be so bad that the only thing Jasmine wants is to win

Sam is going to find out what it is like to be smothered. Sara has always been quite dominating, so she is going to take her time letting Sam know that she is in total control. Sam will not know what to do, other than open wide because Sara has a great deal of long farts ready to go just for her. She is going to totally humiliate her with wet farts.

Walter's face is going to be smothered by his very powerful mistress. She is going to take her time as she smothers him letting him know that he is very pathetic. She is wearing her favorite jeans, so she is going to let out a really long fart right on his face. She laughs as she is doing it, because he looks so stupid underneath her tight denim jeans.

There is nothing sexier than a bunch of different ladies at a college sorority house using the bathroom. A unique video is going to be created of groups of women going to the bathroom doing different things. All of these girls are college aged, and they also are all really hot. They love to get really down and dirty in the bathroom and have lots of sexy fun when they are farting.

Baby is a really cute young woman that loves to do horrible things. She is going to put on a pair of pants that are very formfitting and tight, but she also has ulterior motives. One of the things she plans on doing is letting out several loud farts, so that she makes her slave get physically ill from the horrible odor. She loves to dominate her slave and make him feel like a loser.

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