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Jason has always been obsessed with all our asses. Sometimes it gets quite annoying having him looking and staring at us constantly. Today we have decided to punish him by burying his face between our 3 asses and farting in his face. Maybe after he gets a whiff of our stinky farts he will learn his lesson. The stench coming from us should work, I hope it doesn't cause him to want us even more

Katiusha is a sexy brunette mistress wearing her white cotton panties and bra as she lays on the couch and has Maruseas over her head wearing a black bra with pink pantyhose on. Katiusha loves to sniff farts and Maruseas is full of gas so she sits on her friends face and starts farting letting her stinky farts go into her friends mouth and nose so she can enjoy the stink of the farts.

Blonde Mistress wearing a white string is sitting on top of a slaves face. This slave did not know what to expect when he was ordered to lie on the floor. He was hoping for some harmless fun. Then suddenly the Mistress sat down on his face and started farting. Now he doesn't mind licking a bit of pussy but farting in his face is not something he is used to or even wants to get used to. Yet he has no choice and this is his destiny.

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