Farting Girl

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Julie is a lovely mistress that has a terrific body. Every now and then Julie likes to invite her favorite friend over so that she is able to surprise her with a really smelly gift. Bambina loves to come over and spend time with Julie, but most of the time she does not expect to be tortured with all of Julie's gas. Julie is going to fart right on her face.

Girls dressed in pink are going to have a really fun afternoon, because they plan on torturing a new girl with all of their horrible farts. They find it funny to watch her face as she has to smell everything, because the girls had a lunch that involved a great deal of vegetables which make their gas extremely bad, to the point where it's almost nauseating just to get a whiff.

These two ladies are going to have a very rough day with each other, because Kacie is into humiliation and she plans on showing Gia just what she is made of. Her ultimate goal is to release several series of horrible farts right in Gia's face so she must smell and sniff every last bit of the horrible odor that is almost toxic the smell is that bad.

A group of pretty ladies are going to put on a pair jeans, but they are not going to just sit around. They are going to invite a looser slave that they have always disliked over to their house because they have something really cruel and punishing waiting for him. They are going to let out farts right on his face and then remain above his face so that he must inhale the smell.

A mistress is going to be very cruel and unusually sadistic to one of her slaves. She is going to get him on the ground and she is going to pin him between her legs, but she is not going to stop there. Her plan is to release a gigantic fart right on his face, and then she is going to hold him so that he is able to inhale all of her horrible odors.

Bambina is a lovely lady that has a terrific body, but when she is in the mood to be dominating all hell can break loose. She is terrific at locking up her slave girls using her handcuffs, but really she has something much more humiliating than mind. She is going to squat down and she is going to let out a very long juicy fart right in the face of her slave girl.

Princess Diana has a few tricks up her sleeve, and one of them is to let out a series of horribly long farts over and over again right in the face of her slave. She thinks it's funny to make him sniff the horrible odor as she is laughing right in his face and telling him what a total loser he is for even sniffing her ass like that.

Alexandra picked on the wrong girls, therefore she is going to learn a very valuable lesson about keeping her mouth shut. The girls that she picked on are going to force her on the couch so that they are able to sit on her face. They are not just going to humiliate her, but they also are going to let really long farts right on her face so she can smell them.

Elizabeth is going to have a wonderful time taking charge of her slave. She feels as though he is ready to enjoy some pussy and ass worshiping, but there is also going to be quite a major twist in everything too. She plans on letting some really bad farts as her slave is inhaling, so that he can get a full frontal view of just how smelly and stinky her ass can get.

She is so attractive and so sexy, but she also has a really bad secret involving her gas. She can literally let the largest smelliest fart out that would clear a room, and she won't even act as a she noticed the smell. That is perfect for her, because she is going to do that and make a slave get right near her ass so that he is able to inhale all of her horrible stinky odors.

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