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This lovely lady enjoys doing things to her slaves that can be considered really humiliating, plus they can also smell really bad as well. She is going to eat a whole bunch of beans, but then she is also going to take her humiliation to a new level. Her plan is to release a series of farts right on her slave girl and then laugh at her as she is gagging.

Julie is a lovely mistress that has a terrific body. Every now and then Julie likes to invite her favorite friend over so that she is able to surprise her with a really smelly gift. Bambina loves to come over and spend time with Julie, but most of the time she does not expect to be tortured with all of Julie's gas. Julie is going to fart right on her face.

A group of pretty ladies are going to put on a pair jeans, but they are not going to just sit around. They are going to invite a looser slave that they have always disliked over to their house because they have something really cruel and punishing waiting for him. They are going to let out farts right on his face and then remain above his face so that he must inhale the smell.

When Emily and Sibilla run into Alexandra at a bar, things get really heated in the end of becoming really bad for Alexandra. She is going to find out what being humiliated by two lovely ladies is all about. Each of the girls are going to take turns releasing huge nasty farts right on her face to show her that they are not to be fucked with ever.

Maggie is a babe with a huge love for farting. She is going to take her very cute round ass and begin to fart. She loves the fact she can make loud noises with her farting. Sometimes they are wet farts, but they also can be very loud farts that make a room clear. She will take her loser slave and position herself to fart on him.

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