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Jasmine loves to wrestle with her friend. She enjoys the things that she gets to do to Mia and the acceptance she gets. She pins Mia down on the mat and puts her thong clad ass in her face. She puts her full weight into the facesitting pin and she farts in Mia's face. She loves the feeling of Mia struggling to breath and knowing that she is smelling her ass and fart.

When Mistress Joschi tells her slave to do something, they do it. She proves it to her friends. She bends her round ass over and tells her slave to sniff her ass. As his face is down there, she farts and he doesn't move because she didn't give him permission. She continues to let the farts rip from her animal print covered ass and he patiently sits there and smells it. Her friends are amazed.

When it's time to punish her errant slave, Mistress Katja knows just what to do. She puts him on the floor and binds his hands. She puts the pillow on his head so that he can't move. She sits her jean clad ass on his face and farts long and hard. She knows that he is struggling for breath but she doesn't care. She wants all of her body funk to go in his nostrils and choke him because he was naughty.

When Mistress Gaia looks for a slave that loves music, she is looking for a particular type of slave. She looks for a man that loves the smell of farts because that is her specialty. She loves the way her body produces music of it's own and she enjoys putting her bare ass in the air and letting her body play. When she has a slave that loves body music, she will play up close and personal for him.

When big breasted woman Kimberly Marvel enjoys giving her slave something to wake up to. She has always been the center of his world and the reason he exists so she wants to be the air he breathes too. She gets on top of him and sits her leather clad ass on his face. She knows that he's awake by the movements of his body. That's when she lets go and farts in his face.

When she knows that she has to let it out, she lets the world share it with her. She enjoys letting her lover smell her aroma. She enjoys a day relaxing at home, dressed in a pair of her favorite shorts. She is feeling a little gassy and she has her slave follow her around. As she farts, she enjoys letting them smell her odor. She knows that it stinks and she loves cutting their breath with it.

When she eats and feels full, she knows that her body has to break it down. She knows that she has to let nature take it's course and she loves sharing those things. When she starts to fart, she puts her ass in her slave's face so they can enjoy the noises her body makes and smell her foul odor. She loves being the one that cuts their breath off.

When Kaylee wants to fart, she wants an audience. She doesn't like her precious smells going to waste and she forces her slave to enjoy the smells of her body. As soon as she knows she is going to fart, she will stick her ass in one of her slaves' faces. When she goes to the bathroom to shit, she wants them in there to smell the odor she lets out of her body.

When this beauty sits down at her desk, she makes the most of her time alone. She enjoys taking the time to sort through her emails and other business. When she feels her ass twitching, she doesn't hesitate to fart. She farts long and hard, enjoying the ripples across her ass as it comes out. She loves feeling the vibrations. She takes a deep breath and gets wet at the foul odor.

When this ebony bbw decides that she wants to give her slave a treat, she calls him into the room. She knows that her ass is bare and she feels her tummy rumbling. She has her slave bury his face in the crack of her ass and she lets the fart she is holding go. She makes him smell the entire fart before she allows him to get up. She loves being the foul air he breathes.

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