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This sexy mistress knows exactly how to get what she wants, and most of the time that includes financial domination. She has always been able to get exactly what she wants from her slaves, but sometimes she takes it to a horrible new level that is really humiliating. She recently caught her slave placing a microphone in her toilet to catch her farting, he is going to pay greatly.

This lovely mistress enjoys doing many things to her slaves, including leading a really nice long juicy fart. Her slave is pathetic and deserves every single bit of humiliation that is dealt his way. He has always been pathetic, so doing horrible things to him like making him lick her shoes, is something that brings her great joy. She can't wait to let another long fart on him again.

Victoria is a mistress with the ability to tease her slaves into a new galaxy of desire. The slaves are all stumbling over their feet to be with her. She is going to give them all a new task that involves smelling her ass. The slaves might think they are getting lucky, but they are actually going to smell all of her terrible farts as she laughs.

Kinky femdom Mistress enjoys farting in peoples faces. She will have you over for coffee then pretend to bend over and fart straight in your face. This bitch is so cruel it is not even funny anymore. All of her victims are left traumatized fo life. They don't enjoy getting farted on but know it is better to just endure the long and stinky farts she releases in your face. It is best for all parties involved.

I hate those heroes with their super power! They believe that they are something special and super cool only because they have some abilities which other people don't have - but they aren't! And today I'm going to punish spiderman because of his arrogance! He has to suffer under my butt! I put his head deep between my sexy ass cheeks and he cannot breath anymore... and then I fart some really nasty gases in his nose - That's MY super power! :-D What a poor and helpless guy he is now...!

When Mistress Joschi tells her slave to do something, they do it. She proves it to her friends. She bends her round ass over and tells her slave to sniff her ass. As his face is down there, she farts and he doesn't move because she didn't give him permission. She continues to let the farts rip from her animal print covered ass and he patiently sits there and smells it. Her friends are amazed.

When Kaylee wants to fart, she wants an audience. She doesn't like her precious smells going to waste and she forces her slave to enjoy the smells of her body. As soon as she knows she is going to fart, she will stick her ass in one of her slaves' faces. When she goes to the bathroom to shit, she wants them in there to smell the odor she lets out of her body.

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