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Mistress Pauline wanted to leave for the mall but she had to punish her slave before she went because there was a real chance he would escape and she did not want that. So she settled on humiliating him using her farts and she did. She forced him to smell her farts before she left him and told him to thank his lucky stars that she had been busy otherwise it would have been worse.

This fat mistress was having stomach pain as a result of cramping. She knew if she was to relieve some of the pain, she had to get rid of some of the gas in her stomach. So she bent over and tried to fart. The farts came slowly some loud farts, some silent farts, some long farts, some short ones while others were stinky and she nearly had wet farts too.

Simka is a hot girl who likes to take advantage of guys who want to have sex with her. She likes to tease them with her nice ass and when they are giving her head, she farts on them

This lovely mistress has one hell of a tight hole. She has always been known for doing things with this tight hole that can be quite erotic and sometimes even stimulating. However, this time she is going to do something for her slave that is quite gross. She is going to let out a huge smelly fart, then force him to get on the ground and sniff the horrible odors.

A mistress is going to use her slave in a very humiliating manner. She will invite another slave over so that she is able to humiliate both of the slaves. Her goal is to make one slave sniff the ass's of another slave while he is farting. She finds it to be quite humiliating and she also thinks it's funny that both of her slaves are gagging from the smell.

This pretty mistress enjoys doing several different things that can be quite humiliating for a slave. One of them is to let out horrible farts to humiliate her slave. She finds it quite amusing that her slave is going to sniff her panties even though they might be dirty. She is having the time of her life humiliating her slave and making him feel like a total loser.

Simka is a very attractive woman that loves to tease her slaves. She has always enjoyed doing things to her slaves that can be humiliating, but they can also be quite erotic for the right slave. One of her favorite things to do is let out huge smelly farts, then make her slaves smell all of the different odors. She thinks it's really funny to humiliate her slave to the fullest extent.

This mistress is going to have a splendid time with one of her slaves. She has always been quite dominating and she loves to humiliate slaves, so it is only natural that she is going to have her slave get on the ground. From there she plans on farting right into his face and making him feel like a total pathetic loser. She thinks it's funny to dominate her slave.

Baby is a mistress that is wearing a pretty red dress while she is on the toilet. She is going to relax and enjoy herself as she is sitting on the toilet. She also is going to let out a long series of stinky farts that could clear a room the smell is so bad. She thinks it is funny to stink up the bathroom, then force her slave into the bathroom.

Katrin is a pretty babe that loves to sit and enjoy herself. She is going to put on a really sexy little outfit, because her plans are to make her slave sit down in front of her as she starts to let out the longest farts ever. She finds a really funny to see his face when she is farting and she also loves to completely humiliate him.

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