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Mistress Gaia was in dire need of entertainment and she did it to herself by farting on her slave. She had eaten gassy food and she had a lot of it to pass. And she did it to him. The mistress did it differently. She farted in the same room and let him smell it. Then she farted on his face for a more direct smelling of her farts by him.

Mistress had fart fetish on her bucket list, but unlike other mistresses, she had to do it on her own. She did not want to try it with someone present. She wanted to do it alone so that she perfected the art and when she was done, she would try it with someone. She, however, took a video of it and she used it to find out how well she was doing.

When Sydnee Capri is enjoying herself, she wants her slave to do the same. She lays down and reads a book topless. She loves the way the breeze kisses her tits. She has he slave lay down by her ass and she starts to fart in his face. She loves not having to stop her farts from coming because her slave loves the smell of her wet and long farts.

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