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This mistress knows her boyfriend has a thing for her ass. He had pissed her off but tried to make up for it. She decided to try fart fetish with him before she forgave him because might never have another chance. She dressed sexily for him and she twerked for him and teased him. As he came closer to kiss her ass, she farted on him and watched as he was at first surprised and then got turned on as he took it to be a naughty thing she was doing for him.

This mistress did not want to let her slave go scot-free even if she did not feel like punishing him. She had to do something so that he knew whatever decision he made, there were bound to be consequences. So she made him stay in the same room as her as she farted. She made him smell and inhale her farts before she let him go with a stern warning.

Goddess Amirha wanted to watch her movie in peace but her slave kept chewing loudly, asking her questions and doing many things to interrupt her. She was pissed so she threw him on the floor and enjoyed watching her movie in peace as she facesat on him. She farted on his face as she sat on it and humiliated him a great deal. Since then, he never interrupts her when she's watching a movie.

The camera has a perfect view of this farting mistress's big round ass as she stands there prepared to push out some wet and nasty farts. The farts start to squeak out so she shakes her ass and pushes them out. Her ass cheeks flop together as she lets out several wet sounding farts. She fills the room with her smell and she loves it. She is in love with her own fart smell.

Rima looks sexy as she lies face down on the mattress with her ass up in the air. The pants are tight and white so you can see the curves of her big ass. Suddenly she starts blasting out loud farts. The gas fills the air as she raises her ass to push out fart after fart. She farts so much that you expect her to soil her pants at any time.

Your fart fetish needs to be extreme for this smelly compilation. Sexy asses back up toward you. Just as you start to admire the curves and the softness of her ass; she blows a fart right in your face. This compilation of sexy girls farting is so great that you will practically smell the noxious gas in the air. You will be a fart slave by the end of this video.

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